About Us


The people who comprise C.D. Ford & Sons Inc. are committed to the finest products and service in the northwest Illinois region. Our friendly employees appreciate the need for customer satisfaction. Each person of our team, from warehouse to sales to delivery and sales support, makes the effort to keep current with changing technology. Our management philosophy at C.D. Ford's is to hire and train the best people available and utilize their qualities for professional and caring service.


We are the Lawn & Garden Pros!

We have a wide variety of proven, tested, hardy grasses for you to choose from. Bluegrass, Ryes, Fescues, Bents, and Native grasses they are all dependable, clean grasses, priced right and available for prompt delivery. We stock a complete line of nursery and garden products, including peat, topsoil, mulch, manure, organic and chemical fertilizers, weed treatments, insecticides, fungicides, specific plant foods, seed starting equipment, feeder spikes, bedding aids and dividers, grafting supplies, decorative bark, spreaders, sprayers, bird feeders/houses and seed. Fertilome, Hi-Yield, Natural Guard are among our standard brands, ready for delivery when you need them and backed by our life long experience in the lawn and garden industry.


Production Expertise

We start with good people, add the latest facilities and equipment, and provide the assets and knowledge necessary to do the job. We are the Farm Seed Pros! Producing reliable farm seeds for over 100 years, you can look to Ford & Sons for the finest proven high yield seeds in the industry. All of our seed is tested, inspected and ready to give you the best value for your money. Because a good part of our seed is produced on our own farm, we can ensure it meets our high standards from production to processing delivery.



The proper equipment is vital to doing the job right. This is especially true in a field that requires a variety of specialized tools. The changes in seed conditioning technology have been rapid and expensive. At C.D. Ford & Sons Inc. we are committed to being a leader in this area. During the past few years, we have installed a new precision cleaner, new easy-dump elevator legs, new gravity table, and new computer-controlled bagging scale, as well as hundreds of minor changes all designed to strengthen our commitment to customer service and product excellence.


Customer-driven management

We're proud of our products and our century-long history of quality and service. At C.D. Ford & Sons Inc. we are customer oriented. Now we invite you to join us in an equal shares commitment to getting your job done the best way we know how. We are always open to your suggestions and concerns. We have after hours fax and voice-mail to better serve you. We want to be there when YOU need us!


Service, service, service

We realize that good products is just not enough anymore and service is the name of the game. You, the customer, need the latest information and the quickest service to remain competitive. The word "service" means selling and then delivering the product. At C.D. Ford & Sons Inc., however, "service" means working with the customer before the order is placed until the product is delivered providing complete customer satisfaction for both Retailer and Consumer. Sales support is just a part of what "service" truly means. At C.D. Ford & Sons our definition of "service" involves courtesy, thoughtfulness, professionalism, and prompt action. We hope you will contact us so that you may see for yourself how these special features really do make C.D. Ford & Sons Inc. different.

C.D. Ford & Sons INC.

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